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Algorithm Design in the Era of Reconfigurable Computing

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Accelogic's Fusion/HEP program gains momentum


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Accelogic's Sca/LAPACKrc surpasses 1,000x for large-scale sparse linear algebra




Jul 26, 2010  


Accelogic expands in the cloud




Redefining Algorithm R&D lines

Accelogic is the driving force behind LAPACKrc, a comprehensive software library that accelerates the solution of mathematical equations.



LAPACKrc is now in alpha release, and it is currently undergoing integration with selected partners



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Winner of two NASA Best Technology Awards (NASBO, 2008 and 2010).




Top-4 Statewide Small Business of the Year (ITFlorida, 2009).






Most Promising Technology Company (SFTA, 2008).



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What would you do if the cost of that technology were just a tiny fraction of what you currently spend?

What would you do if you had access to that technology now?
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